Sardonic Asshole
Antoinette. Currently living in SoFlo and hating it. ♓
I kind of just reblog whatever the fuck I want so don't expect a consistent theme within this blog.

Interests: Music, Cannabis, The Natural World, Psychology, History, Health, Astrology, Marxism, Lucid Dreaming, Art, Death, Disease, Horror and the Macabre, and a lot of other things I don't feel like listing.

Music Taste: Metal (all kinds), Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk, Classic Rock, Synthpop, Ambient, Old Rap, Classical (Mostly Baroque and Romantic Era)

I don't have a playlist on this blog because you better be listening to some good shit when you're on here.



Sabbra Cadabra

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973)

"I’m alone in a body that can’t love me."


Fallujah // Starlit Path

This song is a perfect display of this band’s evolution.


Land of the Dead - Summoning

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